Ossur Mobility Clinic 2017


Date: 10 Apr
Venue: Melbourne
CPD Points: 13 CPD Points in Accredited Activity Category


Össur Australia will host an event for amputees of all ages and mobility levels with a focus on walking, running and playing sport. Attending healthcare professionals will be able to learn how to provide individualised instructions and support amputees with proper technique to improve speed and balance, ultimately assisting in maximising prosthetic capabilities. Other amputee volunteers/participants will also share their stories and experiences with attendees.

The Clinic features presentations from our expert coaches Cathy (physiotherapist), David (prosthetist) and Brett (running coach). These presentations are for all attendees but supply clinical information for the attending health professionals. The Clinic is a “hands-on” learning experience for professionals. Attending healthcare professionals will are paired with an amputee for the clinic and will assist them in all aspects: running, exercises, mobility activities and sports. Amputees attending the clinic are of all ages, abilities and levels of amputation. We have had unilateral, bilateral and quadrilateral amputees attend past clinics.

More information, FAQs and to register:


  • Encourage amputees to make best use of their prosthetics and be more mobile
  • Educate healthcare professionals working with amputees about the latest techniques for amputee mobility
  • 1-on-1 buddy system over the 2-day event


  • Techniques to maximise prosthetic capabilities
  • Running mechanics
  • Proper methods for improving speed and balance
  • Multi-directional mobility for a variety of recreational activities
  • Training routines and sport-specific exercises

All registrations will incur a $50 registration fee, which will be donated to Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Limb Deficiency Clinic.

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