Membership Categories

Full definitions of AOPA Membership categories and eligibility criteria are outlined in detail in By-Law 1.

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Full Member

Full membership is available to orthotic/prosthetic practitioners who meet all AOPA membership eligibility requirements. This includes completion of an Accredited or Non-Accredited tertiary qualification in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Full members of AOPA are provided with the complete range of Association membership benefits. Full membership is available for those meeting the eligibility criteria who may be working either part time or full time. Leave of absence is also available to full members who may be taking leave from their professional employment.

Our full members are employed in a range of settings including clinical, advisory, and academic roles. AOPA encourages all orthotist/prosthetists working in a role requiring the utilisation of knowledge gained from their orthotics and prosthetics qualification to take up Association membership.

The renewal of full membership is subject to meeting the AOPA Continuing Professional Development mandatory requirements.

Student Member

This class of membership is available to students enrolled in an AOPA Accredited tertiary qualification in orthotics and prosthetics. Evidence of enrolment must be provided at the time of application. Students enrolled in an international tertiary program are not eligible for Student Membership. Further information regarding studying in Australia can be found here.

Student membership provides you, as future practitioners in Australia, with an introduction to the profession. This affiliation provides many of the benefits of full membership, including:

  • increased networking opportunities;
  • access to AOPA student events;
  • subscription to the AOPA eNews;
  • access to national education events (including significantly reduced Congress registration);
  • access to the member only Linked-In Group; and,
  • hard copies of our biannual Association magazine, the The AOPA Review.

Student membership is provided at a reduced rate of only $165 for the entire duration of your studies. This provides up to 4 years of membership for a one off fee. Student membership status will lapse on 30th June the year of conferring of qualifications or on discontinuation from the course. At this time you will need to transition to full membership.


Full Members are able to apply for Leave of Absence from Membership. Leave of absence is available for practitioners who will not be working in the profession for an extended period of time. Working in the profession is defined as any clinical, technical, managerial, administrative, education and/or research role in which an orthotic/prosthetic qualification is required to perform the tasks of the position.Leave of absence can be granted on an annual basis following an application in writing to the Chair of the Certification Committee outlining the reasons for the leave of absence. Please note that members on approved Leave of Absence are still required to maintain their full mandatory CPD requirements. Please refer to the CPD Guidelines for further details.


Retired Membership is available to Full Members on request. To be eligible for Retired Membership the member must have been a Full Member who is no longer working in the orthotic/prosthetic profession. This membership is granted by the National Board upon written application. Members granted retired status do not have voting rights.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is available for individuals who do not meet Full or Student Membership criteria. To be eligible for Affiliate Membership, the individual must demonstrate a connection to the orthotic/prosthetic profession through an application to the Chair of the Certification Committee.

Provisional Membership

Only applicants who meet all the AOPA Full Membership eligibility requirements, with the exception of Recency of Practice, are eligible for Provisional Membership. These applicants must complete a re-entry process through the completion of the mandatory Resumption of Practice Program in order to progress to full membership, as outlined in By-Law 2.


Any member who has rendered conspicuous service to the public, the profession or the Association; elected by the Board. Life members are entitled to all full membership rights and privileges without the payment of membership fees.


Education subscription is available to anyone who is not eligible for AOPA Membership. Our Education Subscribers include other allied health professionals, affiliated companies and facilities and orthotic/prosthetic technicians that wish to remain connected with the profession and the orthotic/prosthetic community.

This subscription provides the following benefits:

  • Access to regular national webinars & education opportunities
  • Hard copy editions of the bi-annual Association magazine
  • Subscription to the AOPA eNews for regular email updates which detail current Association activities and alert you to upcoming CPD events