Clinical Specialties Orthotists/Prosthetists

Clinical Specialty Fact Sheets

AOPA has partnered with a range of experts to develop a series of Fact Sheets focusing on the field of orthotics and prosthetics.

The Fact Sheets clearly explain the vital work of orthotist/prosthetists in a way that is both easy to understand and easy to share amongst the community. 

Download the Fact Sheets here:

Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association - Plagiocephaly and Drachycephaly      Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association - Recreational Prostheses      Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association - Foot Orthoses      Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association - Functional Prostheses


Raising Awareness

Find out how you can help to raise awareness and spread the word about the important roles of orthotist/prosthetists.

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Paediatric Orthoses

Find out how an orthotist can assist the management of numerous pathologies affecting babies, children and young people.

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Sports and Recreational Prostheses

Prosthetists can assess, design and manufacture a range of different sporting and recreational prostheses to support people with limb loss to select the most effective prosthetic solution to meet their personal goals.

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Foot Orthoses

Did you know Orthotist/Prosthetists are experts in prescribing and manufacturing foot orthoses, as well as managing a range of conditions? Find out more here.

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Upper Limb Prostheses

Prosthetists have expert clinical and biomechanical knowledge that is used to assist people with upper limb loss to select prosthetic solutions that meets their personal goals.

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