As the peak professional body representing orthotist/prosthetists, AOPA promotes the profession nationally in a range of forums. Through representation at a variety of committees and organisations, the AOPA National Office raises the profile of the profession.

The profession is represented at a state and federal level with government bodies and external agencies in relation to issues of specific concern to orthotist/prosthetists in Australia. We regularly contribute to government inquiries and discussion papers, and provide detailed submissions to ensure the profession is represented, promoted and understood. Our members are encouraged to be actively involved – you can contribute towards a range of activities at all stages.

AOPA has published a Profession Summary which succinctly summarises the profession in Australia. This document is used extensively in external communication to assist those less familiar with the profession to understand the depth and breadth of orthotic and prosthetic services in Australia.

The Association is particularly supportive of practitioners undertaking promotional activities outside of the profession, including formal presentations at national conferences. If you are undertaking such a promotional activity, please contact the Office as assistance may be available for your project.

Promotion of the profession by our membership is vital to raising the profile of orthotist/prosthetists in Australia. We encourage all members to actively use the Member Logo on all of their promotional material.